How to Enable and Disable USB Port

How to Enable USB PortHow regularly you have seen blocked Pen drive or USB drive access in your work spot or school or college? I accept ordinarily; truth be told each time you attempt to utilize the USB drive, you are not permitted, essentially on the grounds that the director has impaired USB drive location on your Windows framework. Again, how frequently has your information been stolen in light of the fact that somebody connected an unauthorized USB to your PC and duplicated your documents? All things considered, you don’t have to stress because the answer for cripple or empower USB Ports is quite basic.

Limit access to USB drives


There are 5 ways a service may counteract utilizing of USB Drives

They are:

  1. Changing registry values for the USB Devices such as Pen dive.
  2. Locking the USB Ports from Device Manager.
  3. Un-installing the USB Storage Drivers
  4. Using outsider freeware
  5. Using Microsoft troubleshoot program to fix it.

Take a look at how we can settle these issues and enable USB port in window 7 computer.

How to Enable USB Port in Window 7/8/10

  1. How to Disable USB Port or Enable USB Drives and Mass Storage Devices utilizing Registry

In the event that the manager is keen then he would do this to guarantee a tight bar. He would adjust the settings through regedit charge on run console. Presently how would you open it ? You need to go directly into where the overseer has been. Here is the manner by which.

  1. Go to Start > Run, sort “regedit” and press enter to open the registry proofreader
  2. Navigate to the accompanying key


Select the Start button and change the quality to 3. Click on OK, By just doing this your USB port will be re-enable and permit you to utilize USB or Pen drives.

  1. Impair USB Ports from Device Manager

On the off chance that despite everything you don’t discover your USB drive working, you may need to investigate the Device Manager. The Administrator could have debilitated the USB port here. Look at for any plausibility in the Device Manager and empower the crippled port by right tapping on chose one and tap Enable.

  1. Uninstall USB Mass Storage Drivers

In the event that the powers are truly agonized over security in the school they would step of un-installing the USB Mass Storage Drivers. To make things work, simply introduce the gadget drivers. Here is the way you do it.

Once you plug-in your USB drive, Windows will check for drivers, if not discovered Windows will incite you to introduce the driver. This would open the Pen drive at your School or office.

  1. Use USB Drive Disabler/Enabler

You can download and utilize a free device USB Drive Disabler/Enabler which will permit you to effortlessly empower or impair USB drives on your Windows PC.

  1. Stop clients from connecting USB

On the off chance that a USB mass storage gadget is as of now installed on your Windows PC, you can alter the Windows Registry to guarantee beyond any doubt that the USB does not work when anybody associates it to the PC. Check first on the off chance that it applies to your adaptation of the Windows working framework.

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