How to Lock Down Your iPhone and iPad from Kids

iPhones and iPads give you total control on How to Lock Down Your iPhone and iPad from Kids  and how your children may utilize your gadgets. You can rapidly bolt your gadget to a specific application before giving it over or lock down whole gadget with complete parental controls.

These components are named as Guided Access and Restrictions, separately. Guided Access is perfect for briefly giving your iPad or iPhone to a child, while boundaries are perfect for securing a gadget your children utilize constantly.


Guided Access

Guided Access permits you to lock your gadget to a single application. For instance, you may lock your gadget to run just a particular instructive application or amusement and after that give it to your child. They would just have the capacity to utilize that particular application. When they’re set, you may open the gadget with a PIN you set, permitting you to utilize it typically.

To set up Guided Access, start the Settings application and navigate to General then Accessibility and then Guided Access. You can guarantee guided access is empowered and set a password from here.

To empower Guided Access, open the application you need to bolt the gadget to — for instance, whatever instructive application or amusement you need your child to utilize. Rapidly press the Home catch three times and the Guided Access screen will show up.

From here, you can encourage lock down the application. For instance, you could cripple touch actions totally, incapacitate touch in specific zones of the application, debilitate movement, or impair hardware buttons.

You don’t need to design any of these settings, in any case. To begin a session of Guided Access, simply click the Start button at the upper right corner of the phone screen.

When you attempt to click the Home button to leave the application, you’ll see a “Guided Access is empowered” message at the highest point of the screen. Press the Home catch three times again and you’ll see a PIN brief. Enter the PIN you gave before to leave Guided Access mode.

That is it, at whatever point you need to empower Guided Access, simply open the application you need to bolt the gadget to and “triple-click” on the Home button.



Restrictions permit you to set gadget wide limitations that will dependably be implemented. For instance, you could keep your children from steadily utilizing certain applications, restrict them from installing in new applications and just permit them to introduce applications with fitting evaluations, prevent access to specific websites, and secure different settings. Settings you select here can’t be changed without the PIN you give.

You may set up Restrictions by opening the Settings application and explore to General > Restrictions. Allow Restrictions and you’ll be incited to make a PIN that you’ll need at whatever point you change your Restrictions settings.

Other settings permit you to lock the privacy and framework settings, keeping them from being changed. For instance, you could keep your children from changing the Mail and Calendar accounts on the gadget. Close to the base, you’ll additionally discover choices for Game Center — you can keep your children from playing multiplayer recreations or including companions in Apple’s Game Center application.

The settings you pick will dependably be implemented until you enter the Restrictions screen in the settings, tap the Disable Restrictions choice, and give the PIN you made.

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