How to Register in IRCTC

The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation simply known as IRCTC is the unique secure way of booking railway tickets from anywhere in the world. It’s a user-friendly and attractive interface to make simple navigation possible and store ticket details. IRCTC works on first come first service which indicates the person who comes first will get confirmed seat first. But before all you will have to register yourself on the IRCTC website otherwise you will not be able to book online tickets online.

As you would know that online ticket booking is pretty much easy and simple job in compare with booking railway ticket via ticket booking window. It not only saves your time but also provides you all the essential information about your train, seats availability and a lot more. The IRCTC registration implies creating a fresh account in Indian Railway official website. A new IRCTC account is created through some easy IRCTC registration process. Once you have signed up on IRCTC website that means you are now a valid member of IRCTC official website and now you may find all the railway information at your finger tips. As most of the people have already registered on IRCTC websites but if you are still unaware about how to register in IRCTC, we have compiled here step-by-step IRCTC register process.

IRCTC New Account Creation/IRCTC Registration


Here is the one-by-one online IRCTC registration process.

Step 1:- Open a Web-browser Firefox or Google Crome in your computer and type

Step 2:- Once the open then type IRCTC in the search bar and press enter.

Step 3:- Open the very first link which will open a homepage or user interface where you have to fill some your personal information.

Step 4:- As you can see, now your user interface is open. So as if you are not a registered IRCTC member yet, then you will have to click on Sign Up that will redirect you in Registration Page.

Step 5:- Enter the User Id which you want to take as your identity and click on Check Availability to check whether it is available or not. If it is not available then a red lined message (User Already Registered… Please Choose a Different Username) will appear at the top of the page which implies that you have to enter a different Username.

Step 6:- After the confirmation of User id now the turn is of Password. Enter your desired Password and re-enter the same Password in Confirm Password Box. The Password must be within 8 to 15 characters.

Step 7:- Next, select a security question from the drop down and enter the answer in the very next box.

Step 8:- Enter your desired language from Hindi or English.

Step 9:- Next, Enter your personal details such as First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Gender, Marital Status, Date of Birth, Occupation, Adhaar Card Number, PAN Card Number, Email , Mobile Number and Nationality.

Step 10:- Further, enter your Residential Address such as Flat No., Street/Lane, Area/Locality, Country, Pin code, Post Office and Phone if you have.

Step 11:- Enter the Captcha printed above and Click on Submit Registration Form>>>.

Congratulations! Your IRCTC Registration has been complete. Now you can book your ticket online and check the details of your ticket.

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