How to share files on Android over a network

If you need to effectively move files remotely between an Android tablet or smartphone and a laptop or PC then read this step by step instruction of how to share documents on Android over a system. Sharing documents between an Android & Windows gadgets isn’t as troublesome or as dreary as it once might have been. Applications, similar to ES File Explorer, can even impart records over Wi-Fi to relative simplicity. We’ll demonstrate to you how.

It’s pretty much simple to shift files from one place to another and from and Android gadget with a general USB link yet you might need to do this remotely. Maybe one individual needs to send or have the capacity to get documents from someone else’s Android cell phone from their desktop PC.

This should be possible rapidly and effectively the two gadgets are associated with the same system.

There are various methods for accomplishing this however we have thought of this aide utilizing an application called WiFi File Transfer. The confinement with the free form is that records must be 5MB or littler. You can pay 88p for the Pro form which expels this limitation.


You may likewise look at others like Pushbullet and AirDroid. You could likewise utilize cloud storage services.

In case you are hoping to move documents between two Android gadgets we suggest utilizing NFC in the event that they both have or Bluetooth generally.

The one by one most effective method to share documents on Android over a system

Step One

Download and introduce WiFi File Transfer from the Google Play Store.

Step Two

Ensure your Android cell phone or tablet is associated with the same system as your laptop or PC.

Step Three

Install the application of WiFi File Transfer on your Android gadget. A symbol ought to have been set on your homescreen naturally.

Step Four

Now Press the Start button at the bottom of your screen.

Step Five

Type the IP address along with the port number showed on your Android gadget into a internet browser on your PC and tablet and tap enter key.

Step Six

On the off chance that effective the program will stack the WiFi File Transfer interface. From here you can scan and deal with your gadget’s interior stockpiling and SD card in the event that it has one. You can both transfer and download records between the two gadgets

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