How to turn Live Photos into a GIF

While we sit tight for Apple to heat GIF creation instruments inside Photos, Google’s snatching consideration with the iOS 9 Motion Stills application, which transforms Live Photos caught on an iPhone into GIFs or .MOV cuts, however there different ways you can get this going.

Utilize a Mac

Without a doubt, we know the eventual fate of figuring is portable and it might appear like needless excess to utilize a Mac to accomplish something so straightforward, yet you can undoubtedly transform a Live Photo into a GIF physically. A Live Photo comprises of two components: a 12MP JPEG still picture and a 3-second .MOV video record – you can’t see both documents in Photos, however they do exist. Keeping in mind the end goal to fabricate a GIF, you’ll initially need to extricate the .MOV document from the picture.

turn Live Photos into a GIF
turn Live Photos into a GIF

There are two approaches to accomplish this on a Mac:

With Photos: As clarified here, select your picture while discouraging the Alternate key, drag-and drop that picture to your Desktop.

With Image Capture: Connect your iPhone to your Mac and open Image Capture. In Image Capture look to the picture you need to utilize, select the .MOV document of that picture and drag it to your desktop.

Presently you can alter the .MOV agreeable to you in iMovie, including movement and adjustment impacts. The following stride is to open the altered .MOV record you make in a GIF-creation application, for example, GifBrewery, or use Photoshop to do likewise, or pick and utilize an online GIF creation administration, for example, GifMaker.

Utilize an application

There are numerous different iOS applications you can use to rapidly make GIFs from Live Photos you catch. The fascination is that you needn’t bother with access to a Mac to make and utilize these things. Each of these applications has a few impediments and some remarkable points of interest that make them very diverse.

Live GIF

Whenever introduced, LiveGIF ($1.99) will naturally assemble all your Live Photos into its camera roll. You may tap on pictures in this gathering to see GIF reviews, and on the off chance that you like the creation you can share these as GIFs or recordings. The application’s designer likewise makes a photograph altering application called Priime, and you can without much of a stretch alter your pictures in there.


Allowed to download (however you pay $1.99 for boundless fares) the Lively application mechanizes the way toward transforming your pictures into shareable GIFs, furthermore includes playback speeds from .5x to 2x to breath life into your picture.


With a constrained selection of devices, Alive’s designers charge approx $1.99 to expel a watermark from GIFs that are made. Be that as it may, the 29 impacts channels it gives are helpful and the way all the Live Photos in its camera roll autoplay makes it drawing in to utilize. It will likewise make GIFs out of your video cuts.

GIF Toaster

This free application gives you a chance to search all your Live Photos from inside the application. Select a picture you need to utilize and afterward tap Encode to make a GIF. You can alter outline rate, playback rate and determination size in the application, which additionally gives you a chance to make GIFs from blasts of photos, however the designer needs $1.99 for a portion of the applications more modern components.

Motion Stills

Google’s free application additionally accumulates your Live Photos together, and gives viable video adjustment innovation that makes your picture more great. One thing I do like is that (for once) you don’t have to sign-into Google to utilize the application.

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