Why All Businesses Need To Get Involved With Instagram

If you are a business owner then the internet is where a lot of your focus should be right now. Even if you don’t sell directly online, the internet is the world’s biggest marketplace and if you are not involved in it then your business could suffer heavily as a result.

One of the most effective ways of operating online is through social media and in my view, businesses can get the best traction through the use of Instagram. If you have not yet started to use the photo-sharing service, then here is exactly why all businesses need to start doing so.


Instagram gives you many opportunities to invest your money into marketing your business and if you are going to put your marketing money anywhere, Instagram is a great place for you to do it. On Instagram you can invest in followers and automatic Instagram likes to boost your profile and you can also put money towards advertising on the platform. These investments can significantly boost your popularity and enable a wide range of people to see your goods and your products.


Visual content is the most engaged with content that there is on social media and this plays perfectly in to the hands of using Instagram. Using this service you can post awesome pictures of your products or your business operations and ensure that it will get the best possible chance of engagement and traction on Instagram.


Unlike with other social media channels, Instagram will give you 100% organic reach on your posts which means that you can be sure that all of your followers will be able to see what you are posting. Assuming that your content issued enough, this gives you an excellent opportunity to market your products, safe in the knowledge that they will be seen by many.

Spending Power

If you do decide to sell products online then you can count on Instagram users to spend quite a bit of money once they migrate from the site. Recently it has been found by Shopify, that Instagram users spend an average of $65 on their site, higher than from any other social media platform.

Mobile Power

Instagram is designed for mobile phone usage and given the fact that mobile internet use is now higher than desktop use, this means that you have a huge market which you can tap into. Being able to promote your business online means that mobile users on the go will be able to see you products whenever and wherever they are.

Don’t discount Instagram from your digital marketing strategy, it is a highly effective and powerful medium by which you can really get a buzz going about your business, market your products and gain higher brand awareness. Whether or not you choose to invest is irrelevant in terms of getting the most out of this social media channel and if you don’t use it already, it is time for you to start using Instagram.

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